About Jude Taylor Studio

Jude Taylor Studio is a family business run by Jude Taylor and daughter-in-law Jasmine Taylor.  We share a passion for Australian wildflowers, and love working together to create Jude Taylor offerings for others to enjoy.  We want to share the striking beauty of wildflowers through everyday design.

Jude Taylor Studio is the range of products which have been created using Jude Taylor patterns.  We love wearing & living with our products and hope you do too!


Jude Taylor products have been designed for practical use and longevity of style.  We don't position ourselves within the fashion cycle of either clothing or homewares.  Instead of following industry colour charts, our colourways are eye-catching combinations that you likely won't see in another store.  Our item designs are classics that bypass seasonal trends.  Our wildflower patterns are meaningful and timeless, and most of our buyers feel a personal connection to them.

Our clothing is simple & elegant, based on what looks great on most women.  We expect JT pieces to be much-loved signature wardrobe items worn for many seasons, and because of this we only use high quality natural fibres.

Our homewares are approachable and practical.  We want our cushions to be loved, our tableware to be used for many joyous meals, our lamps to be an ongoing source of pleasure.  Created from high quality natural materials, they are made to be lived with and loved for years.



Our handprinted fabrics are prints, not reproductions.  We want to create products that translate Jude's art as faithfully as possible, and so the handprinted aspect of our products is important to us.  Each length of fabric has been printed by hand with hand-mixed inks, just as each piece of Jude Taylor's linocut art has been handprinted & handcoloured.  

Jude Taylor Studio favours ethical and artisanal production.  The producers that work with us have been chosen for their approach to their craft.  We prefer - and choose - the handmade over the machine produced, the handprinted over the digitally printed, small businesses over large factories, limited edition runs over mass production.  As a family-run business, we feel lucky to be able to work with other small, family-based producers both in Australia and in Indonesia.  We are proud of knowing our producers well and supporting ethical production.




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