Custom Design Work by Jude Taylor

Jude Taylor is available for artwork commissions, both personal and commercial.  She is experienced in producing commercial commissions, including:

- custom linocut art pieces

- custom motifs for branding use

- design of landscaping elements such as gates and lighting sconces

Jude Taylor's art has strong connections to the nature of Western Australia, which makes Jude an excellent choice for commissioned art as part of the WA Percent for Art scheme.  She is able to reference local landscapes and fauna in a way that integrates beautiful art within a commercial development.  For enquiries regarding potential commercial or commissioned art, please contact Jude directly at .  Samples of her previous work are available upon request.  The image below is of a custom steel gate commissioned for Storage King Ellenbrook, featuring Carnaby Cockatoos, local Banksias and Kangaroo Paws.


Jude Taylor Custom Gate



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